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Even though im like maintaner of this kick ass thing with katie. Just for the hell of it im putting my application.



Name: Tamara "sexi beast"or"LadyDeath" Gerek
Gender: female
Age: 14
Location: neverland
Pic of you (optional) : if i  was smart enough i would

Your Fav. Sugar Rushes (candy, kinky stuff... other things that we'll leave you and your freaky little imagination to think up): my imagination ( man can it get some shit going crazy ( the s intrest)
Something Random: brittany is a little skanky hoe, but do i love her
Silly Picture:

Fav. Bands: Metallica,Tool, My Chemical Romance, etc.
Secret Talent:
u DONT wanna know ;)

FINISH THE FOLLOWING TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY (be funny, be silly, be weird, or just be you-that might be funny silly and/or weird enough):

If murder were legal...Id go all columbine on my school.
I like fuzzy bunnies...when they are in different places
Juice cups...are probably stuffed down kayla hansons shirt.
He was naked and...i JUMPED ON IT!
What came first the...penis or the vagina! (duh everyone knows that)
Peanut Butter...
makes me all horny and kinky! Sticky u know!

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