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my kinky application

so you want an application.... well even if you don't your getting one anyway to deal biatches! click right hurr:


Name: luvR of craig nicholls, katie...likewoah<-
Gender: i'm still deciding... lol female duh, you don't get a name like katie by exident...(sp?)
Age: 1 to da 4 (15 in aug... just thaught i'd let you know)
Location: somewhere over the rainbow... (taste the rainbow... te he)
Pic of you (optional) : ...there real i tell you! there REAL!

Your Fav. Sugar Rushes (candy, kinky stuff... other things that we'll leave you and your freaky little imagination to think up): SKITTLES! represent, what what? !
Something Random: my ass hurts
Silly Picture:piercings.jpg... damn and MY peircing was supposed to be weird... think again.
Fav. Bands: MCR, hot hot heat, the used, the vines, modest mouse, the killers, pretty girls make graves, the bravery, hawthorne heights, marilyn manson, nin, godsmack, snow patrol, greenday, t.t.t,  the darkness, nin, weezer, the sex pistols, the pixies, and so much more!
Secret Talent:
i can curl my lips like elivis... i know i know it turns you on. OH and i can wiggle my ears. te he.

FINISH THE FOLLOWING TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY (be funny, be silly, be weird, or just be you-that might be funny silly and/or weird enough):

If murder were legal... i'd be long gone...
I like fuzzy bunnies... THE EASTER BUNNY!
Juice cups... sounds like a code word (byob)
He was naked and... i swear it wasn't me
What came first the...egg or the chicken? i say who cares, eat them both! i'm hungry anyways. 
Peanut Butter... extra crunchy, please.

Anything else to leave a good lasting impretion goes here... be creative ; )

... just a friendly reminder to all those ladies out there... BACK OFF BITCH... sorry i suffer from terets (sp?)

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